What is code on Intact Stability?

Code on intact stability  has been assembled to provide,  in a single document,   recommended   provisions  relating to intact  stability,  based primarily  on existing  IMO  instruments.  Where  recommendations   in this Code  appear to differ from  other  IMO  Codes, such as the MODU   Code or DSC Code, the other  Codes should  be taken as the prevailing  instrument.

Purpose of the code on intact  stability:

The purpose  of the Code on Intact Stability for All Types of Ships Covered  by IMO  Instruments,  hereinafter referred   to  as the  Code,  is to  recommend    stability  criteria   and  other   measures  for  ensuring  the  safe operation  of all ships to minimize  the risk to such ships, to the personnel  on board  and to the environment.

This Code contains intact stability criteria for the following  types of ships and other  marine vehicles of 24  m in length  and above  unless otherwise  stated:

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