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What are types of Tidal Patterns on sea ?

Written by Amit Sharma
Diurnal Tidal Pattern

A diurnal tidal pattern has a single high and low tide each lunar day. These tides are common in shallow inland seas such as the Gulf of Mexico and along the coast of Southeast Asia. Diurnal tides have a tidal period of 24 hours 50 minutes.TIDE

In short we can say: Diurnal

  1. One high tide/one low tide per day
  2. Rarest
Semidiurnal Tidal Pattern

A semidiurnal tidal pattern has two high tides and two low tides each lunar day. The heights of successive high tides and successive low tides are approximately the same.11 Semidiurnal tides are common along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. The tidal period is 12 hours 25 minutes.TIDE 1

In short we can say: Semidiurnal

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