How will you take over command of a vessel?

A) Company Briefing
B)Letter of Introduction to Master
  1. HO/TO Check-list
  2. Statutory Certificates & Surveys
  3. Crew concerning Documents
  4. Cash & Provisions
  5. Cargo concerning Documents
  6. Trading Certificates
  7.  C/E
  8. C/O
  9. 2/O
  10. 3/O
  11. Chief Steward/Chief Cook
  12. Round with Master
  13. MSA 208 Entry in Official Log Book – Cert & docs
  14. Entry in Official Log Book – Taken over command
  15.  MSA37 AoA & endorsement in Cert of Registry
  16. Inform Owners


A)  Firstly I’ll go to the company for briefing as per SMS

B) On Board, I will introduce myself to the outgoing Master with the Letter of Introduction from the company.

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