How to recover a life boat in heavy weather?

Recovery of a life boat in heavy weather 


  1. Secure a wire pendant to an accessible point on the davit arm.
  2. Care to be taken and ensure that all the materials used are of sufficient strength to accept the weight of a fully laden boat.
  3. The boat falls should be retrieved at deck level and the nylon strop shackle to the linkage of the floating block  

lifeboat lower

Method of  hoisting  of life boat:

  1. Lower the falls to the boat
  2. Attach the nylon strop to the lifting hook on the fore and aft of the boat
  3. Lift the boat off the water and attach the hanging off pendant on top of the nylon strop on the lifting hook
  4. This will transfer the weight off the nylon stop on to the hanging off wire pendant  


Transfering of Weight

  1. This can be only achieved if the hanging off pendant is long enough to reach the lifting hook when the floating blocks are hard up at the davit head
  2. Once this is achieved either cut the strop at the hook or unshackle at the other end.


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