An ergonomic nightmare!

Written by Amit Sharma

‘An ergonomic nightmare’ is an expression often to be heard emanating
from the mariner, reflecting his opinion on the layout of the ship’s bridge, or
the engine room. The IMO definition of ergonomics is the study and design of
working environments (e.g., workstation, cockpit, ship bridges) and their
components, work practices ,and work procedures for the benefit of the worker’s
productivity, health, comfort, and safety.

A ship is unique in that it is not only a place of work,
within which there are a number of workspaces – the bridge, the machinery
control room, the engine room, the cargo control room, cargo holds, galley etc
– each of which may have different operational criteria, but also it is a
‘home’ to those who work onboard. Furthermore, it is a floating platform which
can be affected by external and internal environmental conditions such as weather,
temperature, humidity, noise, vibration and ship motion (pitching, rolling and
slamming), any of which can also be detrimental to the safety and performance
of those who work and live onboard.

About the author

Amit Sharma

Graduated from M.E.R.I. Mumbai (Mumbai University), After a brief sailing founded this website with the idea to bring the maritime education online which must be free and available for all at all times and to find basic solutions that are of extreme importance to a seafarer by our innovative ideas.

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