Where Gyro Compass should be placed / kept onboard?

  • The master unit should be installed on a firm horizontal base. It should be as free from vibration as is practicable and have adequate space around the unit for access and ventilation. Adequate ventilation is particularly important for units which incorporate cooling fans.
  • The fore and aft line of master units, binnacles and repeaters used for taking visual bearings should align with, or be parallel with, the fore and aft axis of the ship and compass cards should be clearly visible so that accurate reading of the ship’s heading is readily available.
  • Where the gyro compass installation provides steering information, the master unit or repeater, as applicable, should be installed adjacent to the conning position located such that the ship’s heading can easily be read by the helmsman.
  • Bridge wing repeaters, where fitted, should be installed in positions which provide the maximum possible unobstructed view of the horizon.
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