What precautions are recommended when loading concentrates as per “IMSBC” Code?

Precautions when loading concentrates as per IMSBC Code:-

General Precautions:

➢ Bilge wells shall be clean, dry and covered as appropriate, to prevent ingress of the cargo.

Bilge system of a cargo space to which this cargo is to be loaded shall be tested to ensure it is working.

Loading Precautions:-

➢ This cargo shall be trimmed to ensure the height difference between peaks and troughs does not exceed 5 % of the ship‘s breadth and that the cargo slopes uniformly from the hatch boundaries to the bulkheads and no shearing faces remain to collapse during voyage in particular on smaller ships, i.e., 100 m long or less.

➢ As the density of the cargo is extremely high, the tank top may be overstressed unless the cargo is evenly spread across the tank top to equalize the weight distribution.

➢ Due consideration shall be paid to ensure that the tanktop is not overstressed during the voyage and during loading by a pile of the cargo.

Weather Precautions:-

When a cargo is carried in a ship other than specially constructed or fitted cargo ship complying with the requirements in the code, the following provisions shall be complied with:

➢ The moisture content of the cargo shall be kept less than its TML during voyage.

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