What is SSAS or Ship security and alert system and its details?

Competent authority :

Every country has competent authority who will receive the alert and act accordingly.
In India competent authority is director general of shipping.

The particulars may include –

      1. Ships name
      2. IMO number
      3. UTC data & time
      4. MMSI number
      5. Position in lat & long
      6. A short message indicating the type of treat under treat if the circumstances permit.

The ship security alert when activated shall transmit the alert at communication centre. Once activated, the SSAS should continue to transmit unless reset or deactivated. The frequency of transmission of alert should be transmitted at intervals not exceeding 30 minutes.

Alert goes to FLAG DG Comm & CSO. Company security office test procedure.

The functionality test of the SSAS shall be demonstrate Annually during ever safely radio survey and during intermediate or renewal audit for international ship security certificate. The unit should be capable of being tested in the presence of representative from the flag state. DGS should be notified at least 3 hrs in advance of any test and such test shall be documented.

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