What is regulation for fighting fire on ships which carries cargo on deck as per SOLAS ?

According to amendments to SOLAS regulation  II-2/1 and II-2/10 as well as the draft MSC Circular guidelines for the design, performance, testing  and approval of mobile water monitors used for the protection of on deck cargo areas of ships designed  and constructed to carry five or more tiers of containers on or above the weather deck. The following points were agreed:

  1. All new  ships (constructed on  or after  1 January  2016)    that  are  designed  to  carry containers  on  or above  the  weather deck shall be fitted  with at least one  water  mist lance,  in addition  to all other  fire protection arrangements that should be provided onboard as per existing regulations.
  1. All new  ships (constructed on or after  1 January 2016)  that  are designed  to carry five or more  tiers of containers  on or above the weather deck shall also be provided with mobile water  monitors,  in addition to the  water  mist lance and  all other  fire protection arrangements that  should  be provided  onboard as per  existing regulations.  Ships with  breadth up  to  30  m should  be  provided  with  at  least two  mobile water  monitors  and those  ships with breadth exceeding  30 m or more should be provided with at least four mobile water monitors.

The on-deck  fire fighting  requirements for containerships, even mega  containerships, were  in need  of update. Therefore,  it was proposed to increase  fire main and  fire pumps  capacity, pressure  at hydrants  and  number  of hydrants  on deck to increase fire fighting capabilities to allow the use of additional  fire fighting equipments such as portable  water cannon  on a voluntary basis.


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