What is INSPIRES? its key features & How is it different from INDSAR?

Written by Amit Sharma

In order to exercise effective open ocean vessel management, to provide security to vessels, weather forecast to enhance safety of navigation and monitor incidents of pollution from ships engaged in carriage of hazardous cargoes, the Indian Navy in co-ordination with Directorate General of shipping established an Indian Ship Position and Information Reporting System (INSPIRES) with effect from 01 November 1986.

  • This reporting system has wider area of coverage in the Indian Ocean. The main objective of the system is Open Ocean Vessel management for security of all vessels navigating in the Arabian Sea/ Bay of Bengal. An Indian Naval Communication Centre (COMCENs) Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam are functioning as the shore stations for receiving INSPIRES messages from all vessels. All Indian vessels including coasting / fishing vessels of tonnage 300 GRT and above shall participate in this reporting system. All vessels other than Indian ship of tonnage 100 GRT and above are encouraged to send the reports in the prescribed format when they are transiting within the INSPIRES ship reporting areas.
  • All offshore supply / support vessels operating within Offshore Development Area (ODA) in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal having valid security clearance issued by the ODAG and less than 20 years of age without any detention under the PSC / FSI regime during past one year conforming to the DGS requirements in respect of safety, safe manning and protection of marine environment may not send such reports but are encouraged to participate in this system.
  • The format of the report or reports shall conform to the ship reporting guidelines prescribed in IMO Resolution A.851 (20) and Special Edition of Indian Notices to Mariners No. 8.


Conforming to the provisions of International convention on Maritime Search and Rescue, 1979 (SAR convention 1979) to which India is signatory and with the aim of providing / co-ordinating the effective search and rescue operations in a possible event of any marine casualty at sea, the Indian Coast Guard has brought in to operations a supplementary Ship Position Reporting System with effect from 1st February, 2003 called “Indian Search And Rescue (computerized ship reporting system” (INDSAR). This is a supplementary and an advance computerized system designed to contribute to safety of life/timely search and rescue operations at sea. This system is operated and maintained by the Indian Coast Guard through their Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) at Mumbai;

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