What is ESP or Enhanced Survey Program, its applicability & guidelines?

Written by Amit Sharma

Enhanced survey programme is a guideline for shipping companies and owners to prepare their ship for special surveys to maintain the safety of the ship while at sea or at port. A survey programme is to be prepared by the owner and is to be submitted to the recognized authorities like classification societies, six months prior to the survey
ESP adequately addresses the critical structural areas of the ship, the failure of critical systems can also lead to significant incidents relating to safety of life or oil pollution. Recognising the potentially serious impact of such marine incidents, the IMO and the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), and the marine industry in general, have over the years developed legislation and guidance aimed at ensuring safe ship operation and protection of the environment.

Code on the Enhance Survey Programme is applicable to:

  1. The Code should apply to all self-propelled bulk carriers of 500 gross tonnage and above other than double-side skin bulk carriers as defined.
  2. The Code should apply to surveys of hull structure and piping systems in way of cargo holds, cofferdams, pipe tunnels, void spaces, fuel oil tanks, within the cargo length area and all ballast tanks.
  3. The Code contains the minimum extent of examination, thickness measurements and tank testing. The survey should be extended when substantial corrosion and/or structural defects are found and include additional close-up survey when necessary.
  4. Ships subject to compliance with regulation XII/6.1 of the Convention should be subject to the additional thickness measurement guidance contained in annex 11.
  5. Ships subject to compliance with resolution MSC.168(79) should be subject to the additional thickness measurement guidance contained in annex 15.
  6. For bulk carriers with hybrid cargo hold arrangements, e.g. with some cargo holds of single-side skin and others of double-side skin, the requirements of part B of annex A apply to cargo holds of double-side skin and associated wing spaces.
  7. The surveys should be carried out during the surveys prescribed by regulation I/10 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended.
According to guidelines, ESP (Enhance Survey Programme) has 2 Annexes (Annex A & Annex B):
Annex A

Code on the enhanced programme of inspections during surveys of Bulk carriers

Annex A is subdivided into two parts :

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