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What are the Constant Tension Winches?

Working of constant tension winch system

Constant tension winch systems are used for difficult operations in harsh marine environments. The system creates a constant line-pull between the load and the lifting device. Prior to starting the operation, the line-pull is set, it is measured by a load sensor and is monitored by the central control system.

If the actual value differs from the pre-set value, the winch will pay in or pay out wire rope to maintain the pre-set value.

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FIG.: Constant tension winch

It is a variation of the constant pressure and constant horsepower control for variable capacity pumps. It is used to achieve constant tension winch system. In this case the pump control is automatically operative across the neutral such that constant system pressure and hence a constant motor torque is maintained whilst both drawing in and paying out.

The benefits of constant tension systems are:

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