What are regulations for stowage and securing of Timber Deck Cargo?

  • hatch covers and other openings to spaces below that area should be securely closed and battened down;
  • air pipes and ventilators should be effectively protected and check-valves or similar devices should be examined to ascertain their effectiveness against the entry of water;
  • objects which might obstruct cargo stowage on deck should be removed and safely secured in places appropriate for storage;
  • the condition of friction-enhancing arrangements, where fitted, should be checked;
  • accumulations of ice and snow on such area should be removed;
  • it is normally preferable to have all deck lashings, uprights, etc., readily available before loading on that specific area. This will be necessary should a preloading examination of securing equipment be required in the loading port; and
  •  all sounding pipes on the deck should be reviewed and arrangements made that access to these remain as far as practicable


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