What are regulations for means of Escape on Ship as per SOLAS ?

Means of escape regulations as per SOLAS

(1) In every ship stairways and ladderways shall be so arranged as to provide ready means of escape to the lifeboat embarkation deck from all accommodation spaces, service spaces and other spaces in which they crew are normally employed, which shall comply with the following :

  1. At all levels of accommodation spaces, there shall be provided at least two widely reported means of escape from each restricted space or group of spaces;
  2. Below the lowest open deck such means of escape shall be stairways except that one of these stairways may be replaced by a trunked vertical ladder;
  3. Above the lowest open deck such means of escape shall be stairways of doors to an open deck or a combination thereof;
  4. One of the means of escape may be dispensed within an exceptional case having regard to the nature and location of the space and to the number of persons who are normally accommodated or employed there;
  5. No dead-end corridor shall have a length of more than 7 metres;
  6. The width and continuity of such means of escape shall be to the satisfaction of the Chief Surveyor with the Government of India;
  7. If a radio office station has no direct access to the open deck, two means of escape from such station shall be provided.

(2) In all cargo spaces in a ship intended for the carriage of motor vehicles with fuel in their tanks for their own propulsion where the crew is normally employed, the number and locations of escape routes to the open deck shall be to the satisfaction of the Director General of Shipping but shall in no case be less than two and shall be as widely separated as possible.

(3) In every ship there shall be provided from each machinery space of Category A two means of escape, which shall comply with one of the following-

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