What are regulations for Fixed Fire Fighting System in Machinery Space?

  1. not less than one foam type fire extinguisher of at least 135 litres capacity or CO2 fire extinguisher of at least 45 Killogram capacity, as may be necessary having regard to the size of the boiler room placed in such positions so as to be readily accessible in the event of fire and shall be provided with hoses on reels suitable for reaching any part of the boiler room and spaces containing any part of the oil fuel installation; 
  2. one portable foam applicator complying with the requirements specified in SOLAS  

(b) in each firing space in each boiler room and in each space containing any part of any oil fuel installation, at least two portable fire extinguishers suitable for extinguishing oil fires; 

(c) in each firing space a receptacle containing at least 0.3 cubic metre of sand, saw dust impregnated with soda or other dry material suitable for quenching oil fire in sufficient quantity together with scoops for its distribution or in the alternative additional portable fire extinguisher suitable for extinguishing oil fires. 

(3) In addition to the requirements of above paragraphgraph there shall be provided in any space containing internal combustion type machinery:- 

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