What are regulations for annual testing and inspection of fire fighting equipments ?

Annual Testing and Inspections

As part of the annual statutory survey for Safety Equipment Certification, the following inspections and tests should be carried out to ensure that:

  1. all fire extinguishers are checked for proper location, charging pressure, and condition;
  2. fire detection systems are tested for proper operation, as appropriate;
  3. all fire doors and dampers are tested for remote operation;
  4. all foam-water and water-spray fixed fire-fighting systems are tested for operation;
  5. all accessible components of fixed fire-fighting systems are visually inspected for proper condition;
  6. all fire pumps, including sprinkler system pumps, are flow tested for proper pressures and flows;
  7. all hydrants are tested for operation;
  8. all antifreeze systems are tested for proper solutions;
  9. sprinkler system connections from the ship’s fire main are tested for operation;
  10. all fire hoses are hydrostatically tested;
  11. breathing apparatus air recharging systems checked for air quality;
  12. control valves of fixed fire-fighting systems should be inspected; and
  13. air should be blown through the piping of extinguishing gas systems.
Note :

The verification of the examinations and tests are an integral part of the annual statutory surveys for the SOLAS  Safety Equipment Certificate.


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