What are Operational checks in gyro Compass?

  • The compass should, if necessary, be allowed to settle.

(Note:- It may be necessary for the surveyor to exercise his judgement if the inspection is carried out on a ship moored alongside a quay or at moorings.)

  • If the compass is not settled, during the settling period check that all repeaters remain in alignment with the master compass reading.
  • Check that the datum line on the base of all bearing repeaters is aligned with the fore and aft axis of the ship
  • Ascertain the compass error by the best method that is practicable according to the circumstances. The settle point error should not exceed: 0.75 x SECANT LATITUDE (DEGREES)
  • If the ship is not alongside make allowance for difficulty of measurement and for the allowed error of 0.5° between compass and bearing repeater.
  • Check that all repeaters used for navigation purposes are aligned to the gyro compass heading to within +/- 0.5°.
  • The mechanical parts of bridge wing repeaters should be checked to ensure that they are in good condition and capable of operating satisfactorily.
  • Where the gyro compass or any repeaters are not correctly aligned, the Master should be requested to carry out realignment before the ship sails.
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