What are contents of fire control plan on ships?

Fire control plan should show clearly the following item’s number Location with  representation as per IMO Symbols .

  • Control stations on each deck
  • The sections of the ship which are enclosed by fire resisting Bulkheads
  • Particulars of fire detection and fire alarms system
  • The sprinkler installation (fixed fire fighting system)
  • Location of Fire Extinguishing appliance
  • Location and number of Fireman’s out fit on ship.
  • Location and number of EEBD on ship.
  • Ventilations closing arrangement
  • Ventilation fan / oil fuel Pumps /  fire Pumps controls (outside E/R)
  • QCV remote operation position
  • Primary and secondary Escape routes from E/R and Accommodation
  • Location of International shore connections
  • location and number of  Fire Hydrants / Hoses location
  • Ships particulars
  • location and number of Fire pumps . 
  • Spaces protected by fixed fire fighting system Co2/ Dry powder / Foam/ water
  • Location of fixed Co2/ Foam / Dry powder installation
  • Any other fire fighting equipment with specific application

As we know that the Fire Control Plan is a mandatory requirement for ships under SOLAS chapter II and regulation 15. fire control symbol


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