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How will you pressure test the piston of main engine?

Piston is pressure tested to test for any leakage at contact surfaces and also between sealing rings.

  • For pressure testing of piston, it is to be turned 180°e. foot of piston should be at our neck level.
  • Remove lifting bracket from piston rod foot.

head 8

FIG.: Removal of lifting bracket

  • Fill piston and piston rod with lubricating oil i.e, complete line including telescopic pipe and area under piston crown

head 9

FIG.: Filling of lub oil

  • Attach Pressure Testing Tool at the foot or base of the piston.

head 10

FIG.: Pressure testing tool fitted at piston base

  • On the gauge attached to the piston testing tool, you can see the pressure inside the piston
  • Now start supplying air at 7 bar to the connection.
  • Attach air hose to the air connection nozzle on the pressure testing tool
  • Pressure testing tool has connection for air.
  • Pressure test the piston at pressure stated in the manual.
  • When gauge show the stated pressure(around 7 bar), then stop supplying air.
  • Check the contact surfaces of piston and sealing ring at contact surfaces. Wait for at least 30 minutes.
  • If there is no leakage for 30 minutes, then everything seems to be fine.
  • Release the pressure.
  • Remove the pressure testing tool.

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