How to take back up VDR or S-VDR on Ships ?

Followings are procedure of taking VDR and VDR backup :-

  1. Click on VDR download.
  2. Click on download controls.
  3. Click on download current database.
  4. Enter password(VDR) in capital, press enter.
  5. Select download part
  6. Click on start download.
    • ial data .
    • Select start time & stop time.
  7. Downloading will start and it will show the location where downloads are beeing saved.
  8. Close the window.
  9. Click on VDR playback on desktop.
  10. Click on play
  11. Enter password ( VDR )in capital letter.
  12. Select ok in playback time slect window.
  13. Log information will display eg.-ship’s heading, speed etc.
  14. To view AIS, click on AIS playback.

To listen voice record:-

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