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How to prepare a DB fuel oil tank for a survey/inspection?

Double bottom (DB) tank survey preparation:

 DB tank survey is necessary to ascertain the condition of double bottom. Before opening DB tank manhole for survey, following procedure must be followed:

  • Carry out risk assessment.
  • Arrange all tools
  • Sounding of DB tank and the tank in which remaining fuel oil is to be transferred must be taken.
  • Make sure that there is same fuel in the other tank in which oil from tank to be inspected is to be transferred.
  • If it is not possible then make sure that both oil are compatible.
  • Empty the oil, strip with portable pumps if required
  • Clean the tank with sea water and pump it out through the oily water separator
  • Ventilate the tank(s) with a blower specially provided for the purpose, always cross ventilate i.e. there should be at least two openings, each for entry and exit for the air
  • Check the space for explosive gases at various points suitably, more sampling should be carried out at the corners at the bottom most part of the tank


  FIG.: Dragger

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