Explain the nomenclature of Sulzer Engine.

RTA- M Series


RTA- T Series

Here T stands for tanker

RTA – T- B Series

In RTA-T, T stands for tanker. RTA-T series was originally introduced in 1991. After 1996, some modifications were made to RTA-T series. Easier manufacturing and enhanced service behaviour were realized, with no change in power output. This series was called T-B series.

RTA84T-D Series

Some modifications were made especially power developed increased a bit through tuning and turbocharging measures. E.g. RTA 84 T-B was uprated from 3880 kW/cylinder at 74 RPM to 4100 kW/cylinder at 76 RPM.

RTA – C Series

C stands for container vessel. Stroke- bore ratio of RTA 84 C was 2.86.

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