List of all Certificates, Documents or Plans are required on ships under different Conventions

Written by Amit Sharma

The Facilitation Committee, at its nineteenth session, developed a list of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships together with a brief description of the purpose of the certificates and other relevant documents.

This work was carried out in connection with the provisions of section 2 of the annex to the  FAL Convention concerning formalities required of shipowners by public authorities on the arrival, stay and departure of ships. 

The Facilitation Committee considered that these provisions should not be read as precluding a requirement for the presentation for inspection by the appropriate authorities of certificates and other documents carried by the ship pertaining to its registry, measurement, safety, manning, classification and other related matters. 

The certificates and documents this circular lists are only those required under IMO instruments and it does not include certificates or documents required by other international organizations or governmental authorities.

International Tonnage Certificate (1969)

An International Tonnage Certificate (1969) shall be issued to every ship, the gross and net tonnage of which have been determined in accordance with the Convention.

Tonnage Convention,

article 7

International Load Line Certificate

An International Load Line Certificate shall be issued under the  provisions  of  the  International  Convention  on  Load Lines, 1966, to every ship which has been surveyed and marked   in   accordance   with   the   Convention   or   the Convention as modified by the 1988 LL Protocol, as appropriate.

LL Convention, article 16;

1988 LL Protocol, article 18

International Load Line Exemption Certificate

An International Load Line Exemption Certificate shall be issued to any ship to which an exemption has been granted under and in accordance with article 6 of the Load Line Convention   or   the   Convention   as   modified   by   the 1988 LL Protocol, as appropriate.

LL Convention, article 6;

1988 LL Protocol, article 18

Intact stability booklet

Every passenger ship regardless of size and every cargo ship of 24 metres and over shall be inclined on completion and the elements of their stability determined.  The master shall be  supplied  with  a  Stability  Booklet  containing  such information as is necessary to enable him, by rapid and simple procedures, to obtain accurate guidance as to the stability of the ship under varying conditions of loading. For bulk carriers, the information required in a bulk carrier booklet may be contained in the stability booklet.

SOLAS 1974regulations II-1/22 and II-1/25-8;

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    There is now new circ. issued: Guidelines for Wing-in-ground Craft MSC.1/Circ.1592
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