Critical Operations & Maintenance Tips Of COPT System, All Marine Engineers Must Know!!!

Written by Abhishek Dwivedi

What is COPT?

Cargo Oil Pump Turbine (COPT) System is found on the Oil Tankers. It has two systems working together to collectively discharge the oil. One system is the driving force which gets the power from steam to drive the second system, the centrifugal pump system. Steam section has a turbine, which produces a tremendous force and gives a higher rate of discharge. They can be vertical or horizontal in design.

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Abhishek Dwivedi

He is a Marine Engineer working with Shipping Corporation Of India. He completed his pre-sea from MERI-Kolkata, loves traveling, cooking and writing in free time. He writes about his experiences & all the learnings during his work on ship to educate his juniors & fellow friends.


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