What is Annex 2 of MARPOL 73/78(Regulation for the Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk )and discharge regulations?

MARPOL Annex II Special Areas:
  • Antarctic Sea
  • Black sea
  • Baltic sea
Discharge criteria for Noxious liquid substances:
  • The ship is proceeding enroute. at a speed of at least 7 knots in the case of a self propelled ships.
  • In the case of ships not self propelled at least 4 knots speed.
  • The discharge is made below the waterline through the underwater discharge outlet not exceeding the may rate the underwater discharge outlet is designed for.
  • The discharge is made at a distance not less than 12 NM from nearest land & in a depth of water of not less than 25m.
Discharge of Residues of category X:
  • A tank from which a substance in category X has been unloaded shall be prewashed before the ship leaves the port of unloading. The resulting residues shall be discharged to a reception facility until the concentration of the substance in the effluent to such facility as indicated by analysis of samples of the effluent taken by the surveyor is at or below 0.1% by weight when the required concentration level is achieved , remaining tank washings shall continue to be discharged to the perception facility until the tank is empty. Appropriate entries of these operation shall be made in the cargo record book and endorsed by the surveyor.
  • Any water subsequently introduced into the tank may be discharged into the sea in accordance with the discharge standards regulation 13.2 of this annex.
  • Exemption for a prewash : On request of the ships master an exemption for a prewash may be granted by the government of the receiving party where it is satisfied that:-
  • The unloaded tank is to be reloaded with the same substance or another substance compatible with the previous one and that the tank will not.
Procedures &Arrangement (P&A) manual:

Every ship which carry Noxious Liquefied substances of category X, Y, Z of annex II, MARPOL shall carry a procedures of arrangements manual.

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