Why Dunnage is important?

  • Dunnage is material used to load and secure cargo during transport. In flatbed transportation, dunnage bags are often used tomake cargo secure and stable.
  • The dunnage bags are placed around and between cargo to minimize movement and make sure that goods move as little as possible while being transported.
  • Originally, dunnage was used to brace the pallets that goods were placed on. Rubber used to be the material foundation for these bags, but this has since evolved to vinyl bags. This less expensive material provides the same protection as the rubber bags did, but allow transport companies to reduce the costs of providing support services to clients.
  • Dunnage does not have to be bags. It can also be boards, planks, metal straps and a variety of other materials with the same purpose of stabilizing products for transportation. It is primarily scrap materials that are repurposed or recycled from their original uses. Because this type of dunnage is waste recycling, it is often disposed of when products reach their destination, unlike the bags, which were created strictly for this purpose and designed to be reusable.
Note :
  • Dunnage protects items from moisture damage, static, and contamination from other debris.
  • New technologies such as bio-based materials are also possible alternatives to petroleum-based packaging dunnage.


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