Which types of Cargo is under Grain Code ?

The term “grain” includes :
  • wheat
  • maize (corn)
  • oats
  • rye (grasslike cereal)
  • barley
  • rice
  • seeds (matured fertilized grain)
  • pulses (peas, beans etc)

 and processed forms thereof, whose behaviour is similar to that of grain in its natural state

You may also know :

In order to reduce or eliminate the adverse heeling effect of grain shift, the following methods may he used:

  • a) Shifting Board    (F+P)
  • b) Over stowing        (F+P)
  • c) Strapping and Lashing   (F+P)
  • d) Bundling                (F)
  • e) Saucering               (F)
  • f) Feeders                   (F)

 here – (F-filled,P-partly filled)

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