What should be pilot transfer arrangements requirements as per SOLAS?

Written by Amit Sharma
 As per SOLAS chapter V, REGULATION 23:-

1. Application

1.1 Ships engaged on voyages in the course of which pilots are likely to be employed shall be provided with pilot transfer arrangements.

1.2 Equipment and arrangements for pilot transfer which are installed on or after 1 January 1994 shall comply with the requirements of this regulation, and due regard shall be paid to the standards adopted by the Organization*.

1.3 Equipments and arrangements for pilot transfer which are provided on ships before 1 January 1994 shall at least comply with the requirements of regulation 17 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 in force prior to that date, and due regard shall be paid to the standards adopted by the Organization prior to that date.

1.4 Equipment and arrangements which are replaced after 1 January 1994 shall, in so far as is reasonable and practicable, comply with the requirements of this regulation.

2. General

2.1 All arrangements used for pilot transfer shall efficiently fulfill their purpose of enabling pilots to embark and disembark safely. The appliances shall be kept clean, properly maintained and stowed and shall be regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe to use. They shall be used solely for the embarkation and disembarkation of personnel.

2.2 The rigging of the pilot transfer arrangements and the embarkation of a pilot shall be supervised by a responsible officer having means of communication with the navigation bridge who shall also arrange for the escort of the pilot by a safe route to and from the navigation bridge. Personnel engaged in rigging and operating any mechanical equipment shall be instructed in the safe procedures to be adopted and the equipment shall be tested prior to use.

3. Transfer arrangements

3.1 Arrangements shall be provided to enable the pilot to embark and disembark safely on either side of the ship.

3.2 In all ships where the distance from sea level to the point of access to, or egress from, the ship exceeds 9 m, and when it is intended to embark and disembark pilots by means of the accommodation ladder, or by means of mechanical pilot hoists or other equally safe and convenient means in conjunction with a pilot ladder, the ship shall carry such equipment on each side, unless the equipment is capable of being transferred for use on either side.

3.3 Safe and convenient access to, and egress from, the ship shall be provided by either:

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