What is use of Loadicator or loading instruments on ships ?

The loading instrument is an invaluable shipboard calculation tool which assists the ship’s cargo officer in:

  1. Planning and controlling cargo and ballasting operations.
  2. Rapidly calculating SWSF and SWBM for any load condition.
  3. Identifying the imposed structural limits which are not to be exceeded.

It is important to note that the loading instrument is not a substitute for the ship’s loading manual. Therefore, the officer in charge should also refer to the loading manual when planning or controlling cargo operations.

Note :

A loading instrument or loading computer can be either an analog or digital system. Modern loading instruments consist of approved computational software operating on a shipboard digital PC.

The ship’s loading instrument is a ship specific onboard equipment and the results of the calculations are only applicable to the ship for which it has been approved.

The operation manual is an essential part of the loading instrument and should be kept onboard at all times. The ship’s deck officers should familiarise themselves with the operation of the onboard loading instrument.


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