What is UKMTO vessel reporting form ?

Once a vessel has transmitted an Initial Report to UKMTO, then UKMTO will reply and request Daily Reports to be transmitted. Upon reaching port, or upon exiting the High Risk Area UKMTO will request a Final Report to be transmitted. The following forms are provided:

  • Initial Report Format
  • Daily Report Format
  • Final Report Format.

Masters  and Owners should check with the MSCHOA website for the latest information regarding the UKMTO Voluntary Reporting Area (www.MSCHOA.org) or directly with UKMTO (+971 505 523 215).

 UKMTO Vessel Position Reporting Form – Initial Report
  1.  Ship Name
  2. Flag
  3. IMO Number
  4. INMARSAT Telephone Number
  5. Time & Position
  6. Course
  7. Passage Speed
  8. Freeboard
  9. Cargo
  10. Destination and Estimated Time
  11. Name and contact details of Company Security Officer
  12. Nationality of Master and Crew
  13. Armed/unarmed security team embarked
UKMTO Vessel Position Reporting Form – Daily Position Report
  1. Ship’s name
  2. Ship’s Call Sign and IMO Number
  3. Time of Report in UTC
  4. Ship’s Position
  5. Ship’s Course and Speed
  6. Any other important information
  7. ETA point A/B IRTC (if applicable)

The other important information could be change of destination or ETA, number of UK personnel on board etc.

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