What is test procedure of Flame Arrestor Located in Line ?

Test procedures for flame arrester located in line are as mentioned below.-

(1)A flame arrester shall be installed at the end of pipe of suitable length and of the same diameter as the flange of the flame arrester. A plastic foil bag shall be secured to the exposed flange. The dimensions of the plastic foil bag shall be at least 4 meters circumstances, 4 meters length and material wall thickness of 0.05 millimetres.

The pipe shall be filled with the most easily ignitable mixture of propane and air, which shall then be ignited. The velocity of the flame near the flame arrester shall be measure and shall have a value or that for the detonation velocity.

(2)A typical test rig should be used ,  other test rigs may be used provided the tests are equivalent.

(3)Three detonation test shall be conducted.

(4)No flash back shall occur through the device and no part or the flame arrest shall be damaged or show permanent deformation.


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