What is Survey requirements as per CAS or Condition Assessment Scheme?

CAS (Condition Assessment Scheme) survey requirements are contained in the current Publication No 36/P – Hull Surveys of Oil Tankers.
  1. Overall survey

CAS requires that an overall survey of hull structure in way of cargo tanks, pump rooms, cofferdams, pipe tunnels, void spaces within the cargo area and all ballast tanks be performed.

  1. Detailed survey

 Detailed requirements of close-up survey at the CAS survey are the same as those of 4th class renewal survey contained in PRS Rules. The acceptance criteria for CAS are those set out in the International Code on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections during Surveys of Bulk Carriers & Oil Tankers (2011) (2011 ESP Code) where for the acceptance criteria, there are no differences between CAS and the class survey.

 Thickness Measurements  
  • The minimum requirements for thickness measurements under CAS surveys are extended compared to the scope of measurements contained in PRS Rules and required for the 4th class renewal, with all exposed first tier superstructure deck plates measurements.
  • Where substantial corrosion is found, the extent of the thickness measurements shall be increased in accordance with the International Code on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections during Surveys of Bulk Carriers & Oil Tankers.
  • In connection with thickness measurement procedures, in case of concern regarding residual throat thickness of the fillet weld between the deck plate and deck longitudinals or possible detachment of a deck longitudinal member, the attending surveyor may refer to the Guidelines on the Assessment of Residual Fillet Weld between Deck Plating and Longitudinals adopted by resolution MEPC.147(54), see Appendix 4.
  • CAS survey shall not be completed unless all recommendations/conditions of class which relate to hull structures under review by the CAS survey have been rectified according with PRS Rules.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of CAS survey, the attending PRS surveyors will prepare the CAS Survey Report to be submitted to PRS Head Office and they issue the Interim Statement of Compliance for a period not exceeding 5 months.
  • Where the ship has failed to meet the CAS survey requirements, the attending PRS surveyors shall not issue an Interim Statement of Compliance and inform the Head Office thereon.
  • CAS survey records, including also actions taken, shall form an auditable documentary trail, which shall be made available to the Administration, if requested.
  • The narrative part of the report shall be complemented by photographs showing the general condition of each space, including representative photographs or sketches in addition to the detailed survey results for each compartment.
  • Where CAS survey consisted of several reviews and was executed by different PRS survey stations, a report shall be made for each portion of CAS survey and a list of the items examined with an indication of whether CAS survey has been completed. Such a report shall be made available to the attending PRS surveyors at the next survey station prior to procceding with CAS survey.

PRS Head Office shall carry out a verification review of the CAS Survey Report and prepare a CAS Final Report. CAS Final Report shall be submitted by PRS to the Administration without delay and: .1 in the case of CAS survey in accordance with regulation 20.6 or 21.6.1 of Annex I to MARPOL 73/78, not later than 3 months after the completion of CAS survey; or .2 in the case of CAS survey in accordance with regulation 20.7, not later than 3 months after the completion of CAS survey, or 2 months prior to the date the ship is required to be issued with a Statement of Compliance, whichever occurs earlier.

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