What is Super high holding power or SHHP anchor?

Super high holding power (SHHP) anchors

(a) Definition

A super high holding power anchor is an anchor with a holding power of at least four times that of an ordinary stockless anchor of the same mass. A super high holding power anchor is suitable for restricted service vessels’ use and does not require prior adjustment or special placement on the sea bed.

(b) Limitations to Usage

The use of SHHP anchors is limited to restricted service vessels as defined by the individual classification society. The SHHP anchor mass should generally not exceed 1500kg.

(c) Application

The unified requirement for the design of SHHP anchors applies down to EN ≥ 205.

 For EN < 205

The design criteria for SHHP anchors apply to the anchor mass given in Recommendation 10 for ordinary stockless anchors, reduced as permitted in accordance with 1.1 (b) of Recommendation 10.

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