What is Steering System on Ships in details ?

Steering system is a system which controls the operation of ships rudder through its components.

The rudder is controlled either

  • Through human intervention
  • Or through the use of Auto-Pilot.

Regardless whether it is human intervention or the auto-pilot, the aim is to ensure that the ship proceeds along a desired course at sea with minimum deviation.

steering gear

A Block Diagram of a Generic Steering System

For Avoiding Steering Breakdown and Quick Action Remedial Action in case of a breakdown Following Procedures, Methods and Modes are adopted.

  • Normal From bridge or bridge wings in either manual or auto method. ((Through the control unit).
  • Emergency From the Steering Gear Compartment (Direct manipulation of steering motor)
  • Manual Primary mode is Follow up (using the wheel and secondary mode is the Non-Follow Up using a lever or a buttons.
  • Automatic (Called Auto-Pilot) Uses only the follow up mode. No human intervention.
  • Follow Up
  • Non-Follow Up

steering system


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  • Diagram of steering gear is not correct. The direction of hydraulic oil lines from both pumps are incorrect.

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