What is Steering Gear regulation for tankers as per SOLAS?

As per SOLAS, Regulation 29

  1. In every tanker, chemical tanker or gas carrier of 10,000 gross tonnage And upwards and in every other ship of 70,000 gross tonnage and upwards, The main steering gear shall comprise two or more identical power units Complying with the provisions.
  2. Every tanker, chemical tanker or gas carrier of 10,000 gross tonnage and up words shall, subject to para. 17, comply with the following,
    • The main steering gear shall be so arranged that in the event of Loss of steering capability due to a single failure in any part of one Of the power actuating systems of the main steering gear, Excluding the tiller, quadrant or components serving the same Purpose, or seizure of the rudder actuators, steering capability Shall be regained in not more than 45 seconds  after the loss of one Power actuating system;

The main steering gear shall comprise either:

  • Two independent and separate power actuating systems, each Capable of meeting the requirements , or
  • At least two identical power actuating systems which, acting Simultaneously in normal operation, shall be capable of meeting The requirements ,Where necessary to comply With this requirement, interconnection of hydraulic power Actuating systems shall be provided.
  • Loss of hydraulic fluid from One system shall be capable of being detected and the defective System automatically isolated so that the other actuating system Or systems shall remain partially operational, Steering gears other than of the hydraulic type shall achieve Equivalent standards.
Points to pounder for tankers :

For tankers, chemical tankers or gas carriers of 10,000 gross tonnage And upward, but of less than 100,000 tonnes deadweight, solutions other Than those set out in paragraph 16, which need not apply the single failure Criterion to the rudder actuator or actuators, may be permitted provided that An equivalent safety standard is achieved and that:

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