What is Sources of power supply for fire fighting and fire detection for passenger ship?

  • There shall be not less than two sources of power supply for the sea water pump and automatic alarm and detection system. Where the sources of power for the pump are electrical, these shall be a main generator and an emergency source of power.
  • One supply for the pump shall be taken from the main switchboard, and one from the emergency switchboard by separate feeders reserved solely for that purpose.
  • The feeders shall be so arranged as to avoid galleys, machinery spaces and other enclosed spaces of high fire risk except in so far as it is necessary to reach the appropriate switchboards, and shall be run to an automatic changeover switch situated near the sprinkler pump.
  • This switch shall permit the supply of power from the main switchboard so long as a supply is available therefrom,  and be so designed that upon failure of that supply it will automatically change over to the supply from the emergency switchboard. The switches on the main switchboard and the emergency switchboard shall be clearly labelled and normally kept closed.
  • No other switch shall be permitted in the feeders concerned. One of the sources of power supply for the alarm and detection system shall be an emergency source.
  • Where one of the sources of power for the pump is an internal combustion engine it shall, in addition to complying with the provisions of paragraph be so situated that fire in any protected space will not affect the air supply to the machinery.


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