What is Ship shore safety checklist ?

Ship shore safety checklist is join list provided by the terminal and which is signed by a ship and a terminal representative;

  1. Appropriate personal notified that the cargo operation are about to commence.
  2. Sufficient personal available for cargo watch to manifold.
  3. Warning notified displaces no smoking & no naked light.
  4. Fire application ready for immediate used.
  5. Mooring tight and emergency towing wire correct positioned.
  6. Agree ship/shore communication system working.
  7. No unauthorized work to the carried out.
  8. No unauthorized persons on board.
  9. Safe lighting available.
  10. Galley precaution observed.
  11. Cargo tank lead closed.
  12. Manifold drip trays in use.
  13. Tank inert and inert gas system checked.
  14. All doors and ports to accommodation closed.
  15. Air conditioning unit on internal air recycling.
  16. Safe ship/shore access.
  17. Tank ventilation system checked.
  18. Ship ready to move under own power.
  19. Emergency shutdown understood
  20. Appropriate flag and light signal to be show>
  21. All deck scuppers plugged to prevent oil leaks over board.
  22. No unauthorized craft alongside.
  23. Cargo line properly set. All v/vs not in use closed and lashed.
  24. All necessary spark arresters in good condition in place
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