What is requirement of sprinkler pumps as per SOLAS?

Sprinkler pumps

  • An independent power pump shall be provided solely for the purpose of continuing automatically the discharge of water from the sprinklers. The pump shall be brought into action automatically by the pressure drop in the system before the standing fresh water charge in the pressure tank is completely exhausted.
  • The pump and the piping system shall be capable of maintaining the necessary pressure at the level of the highest sprinkler to ensure a continuous output of water sufficient for the simultaneous coverage of a minimum area of 280 m2 at the application rate specified
  • The hydraulic capability of the system shall be confirmed by the review of hydraulic calculations, followed by a test of the system, if deemed necessary by the Administration.
  • The pump shall have fitted on the delivery side a test valve with a short open-ended discharge pipe. The effective area through the valve and pipe shall be adequate to permit the release of the required pump output while maintaining the pressure in the system specified.
  • Testing :- Means shall be provided for testing the automatic operation of the pump on reduction of pressure in the system.


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