What is requirement for rest and work hours as per STCW 2010?

The new IMO rest hour requirements will enter into force in January 2012 and introduce stricter minimum requirements than those currently in force. The main changes are as follows:
  1. Minimum amount of rest in any 7 day period is increased to 77 hours from 70 hours;
  2. Seafarers must always have 10 hours rest in any 24 hour period with no exceptions, except during an emergency;
  3. It is now mandatory to maintain records of each individual seafarers’ rest hours, which may be inspected during Port State Control inspections; and
  4. The rest hour limits now apply to most seafarers on board, including masters, not only watchkeepers as had previously been the case.

From January 2012, seafarers will need to review and sign a record of their work/rest hours periodically (typically at least once a month) to ensure they comply with the minimum rest  hours stipulated.


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