What is regulations for Power Supplies for GMDSS equipments or radio installation as per SOLAS ?

To comply with SOLAS convention, ships are required to have available a supply of electrical energy sufficient to operate the radio installations, and to charge any batteries used as part of reserve source of energy, at all times while at sea.

Emergency source of electrical energy shall be provided:-

  • Self contained emergency source of electrical energy shall be provided to operate VHF/ MF/ HF/ Inmarsat installation.
  • 36 hours in case of passenger ship.
  • 18 hours in case of cargo ship.
Reserve Source of Energy:

A reserve source of energy shall be provided to radio installation on all ships for the purpose of conducting distress / urgency and safety radio communication in the event of failure of the ship’s main and emergency source of electrical energy.

In case of main supply fail, the batteries should be able to take over automatically. The charging system must be capable of fully recharged the batteries within 10 hours. The reserve source of energy shall be adequate for at least.

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