What is regulations for Means of Escape from Ship as per SOLAS?

The purpose of this Recommendation is to provide means of escape so that persons onboard can safely and swiftly escape to the lifeboat and liferaft embarkation deck.

For this purpose, the following functional Recommendations should be met:

  1. safe escape routes should be provided;
  2. escape routes should be maintained in a safe condition, clear of obstacles; and
  3. additional aids for escape should be provided as necessary to ensure
  4. accessibility, clear marking, and adequate design for emergency situations.
  5. Stairways, ladders and corridors serving crew spaces and other spaces to which the  crew normally have access should be arranged so as to provide ready means of escape to a deck from which embarkation into survival craft may be effected.
  6. There should be at least two means of escape, as widely separated as possible, fromeach section of accommodation and service spaces and control stations
    • The normal means of access to the accommodation and service spaces below the open deck should be arranged so that it is possible to reach the open deck without passing through spaces containing a possible source of fire (e.g.machinery spaces, storage spaces of flammable liquids).
    • The second means of escape may be through portholes or hatches of adequate size and preferably leading directly to the open deck.
    • Dead-end corridors having a length of more than 7m should not be accepted.
  7. At least two means of escape should be provided from machinery spaces, except where the small size of a machinery space makes it impracticable. Escape should be by steel ladders that should be as widely separated as possible.


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