What is regulations for Inerting of ballast tanks as per MARPOL?

  1. According IMO MARPOL  Regulation every double hull tanker should have the possibility to inert the ballast tanks in case of an collision because than cargo can leak from the Cargo tanks into these ballast tanks, or to avoid that sparks will IGnite the cargo in case of collided vessels will be drawn apart;
  2. According IMO MARPOL Regulation the double hull tankers should have the possibility to inert the double hull ballast tanks in case the cargo tank will leak inside the ballast tanks. Continue monitoring of the ballast tanks for cargo leaks is therefore a compulsory regulation.
  3. Ballast tanks will be inerted to avoid presence of oxygen and so corrosion on the steel structure; No specific requirements for this regarding capacity etc

Therefore there is also a connection from the deck inert Gas pipeline towards the ballast tanks.

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