What is regulation for Wire Rope on ships ?

 No wire rope should be accepted on board unless it is accompanied by a certificate stating that it has been made to a recognized national or international standard and which gives details of its construction, safe working load and minimum breaking strain.

A wire rope should not be used if:
  1. It shows signs of corrosion;
  2. There is a tendency towards separation of the strands or wires;
  3. Excessive wear is indicated by flats appearing on the individual wires;
  4. There is excessive reduction in the measured diameter;
  5. The number of broken wires in any length of 10 diameters exceeds 5 per cent of the total number of wires in the rope;
  6. Its statutory life or service life as recommended by the manufacturer has expired, although the wire may outwardly look good; or
  7. After failing any tests.


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