What is procedure of testing of SSAS or Ship Security Alert System?


  • The standard procedure for testing of Ship Security Alert System is as follows:
  • E-mail DG   the following information at least three hours in advance when requesting for a test :  
    1. Name of the vessel and its present position
    2. Intended date and time (UTC) and IST of the test.
  • The DG  will acknowledge confirming the conduct of the test. It may be noted that SSAS tests with other ship/s may have already been scheduled at the proposed time, in which case, the DG  would advise the earliest suitable time for the conduct of the test.
  • The ship staff may then carry out the SSAS test as per schedule, first from Location 1. (as per DG do not use the TEST button)
  • The CSO/ Master shall confirm by phone whether the Alert has been received by DG
  •  If all details received are correct, DG  will advise to reset the alert and then proceed to test
    from Location 2
  • When testing from Location 2, WAIT FOR about 30 minutes for alert to go to Level 3.
  • Call DG   to confirm whether alert Level 3 has been received.
  • DG will confirm whether all is OK, or otherwise. If all is OK, DG  will advise the CSO/ Master to reset the system.
  • After resetting the system, the CSO/ Master to send an email to DG  stating that the “SSAS test has been completed and all subsequent alerts may be treated as true alerts.” Request for compliance
    may be made immediately upon satisfactory completion of the test. after completion of the test.
  • DG will then revert compliance by email if tests were OK or advise further testing/ rectification, as required.


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