What is procedure for pump room Entry on Tankers ?



  • Permission from the Chief Officer/OOW
  • A valid Work Permit – Pump room Space Entry Permit
  • The ventilation having been in operation for at least 15 minutes
  • The atmosphere having been tested for:
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Flammable gas
  • Toxic gas

No one may enter the Pump room unless the above conditions have been met.

Entry procedures to pump room are divided into three categories

a) Normal Pump room entry during cargo operations and tank cleaning must be made under an “Entry Permit”, using the Pump room Space Entry permit Before commencement or operations the Chief Officer

Where the cargo is known to contain dangerous toxicants (e.g. H2S) portable detectors against these toxicants must be worn. Guidance shall be taken from the MSDS for the cargo in question.

b) When work is contemplated then: –

Entry under these circumstances differs from   the work being carried out may result in the release of toxic vapour .

Entry may also be necessary to make good some defect which has resulted in leakage of oil and therefore Hydrocarbon vapour.


Once the situation has reached a stage when the release of Hydrocarbon gas has ceased, the ELSA units may be removed on instructions from the responsible officer.

This may take place when the space is not gas-free due to defective or inadequate ventilation, mechanical failure of valves, pipelines or pumps, or for any other reason when tests indicate the presence of toxic vapour.

c) Under these circumstances the entry is to be treated as an emergency operation and the Chief Officer is to personally supervise the entry. An Enclosed Spaces Entry Permit must be completed and the following procedures are to apply:-

  • Cold Work Permit is completed.
  • No entry is to be permitted until the Enclosed Spaces Entry Permit has been completed and approved by the Master. In the absence of the Master his deputy is responsible for approving the Enclosed Spaces Entry Permit .


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  • Good day. Just to clarify my thoughts. Is the ballast pumproom considered as an enclosed space eventhough fitted with fix ventilation?

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