What is Priming and Lagging of tide?

Priming & Lagging of Tide :

In the first & Third quadrant, the tide is said to be priming. The high water time is before the meridian passage of the Moon.

In the Second & Fourth quadrant the tide is said to be lagging and the time of high water is after the meridian passage of the moon.

tide 1

tide 2

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Equinoctial & Solstial Tides (Declination Effects): When the declinations of the Moon & Sun are the same, tide raising Forces(Tractive Forces) of each will be supporting or acting in line or with each other. At the Equinoxes in March & September there are instances when the declinations of both the Moon & Sun are zero, at such times the Semi Diurnal Luni-Solar Tide raising force will be  at its maximum. It causes the Equinoctial Tide. At these times semi diurnal spring tides higher than normal are expected.

At the Solstices in June & December, when the Declinations of Moon & Sun are both at Maximum, the Diurnal Luni Solar tide raising force will be at its maximum, thus causing the  Solstial Tides . At these times the Diurnal Tides are at a maximum.


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