What is Official Logbook?

Official log book summery:-
  1. Front cover: Contains ship’s particulars, date and place of opening and closing official log book.
  2. Record of seamen employed in the ship.
  3. Entries of birth and deaths, deceased seaman’s property, death inquiry.
  4. Record of musters, boat drills and fire drills, training of crew, inspection of life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment.
  5. Record of test drills and inspections of ship’s steering gear.
  6. Record of tests and inspection of pilot hoists.
  7. Record of inspection of crew accommodation.
  8. Record of inspections carried out in accordance with ILO convention no. 68 of 1946 of supplies of food and water provided for the crew.
  9. Load line, depth of loading.
  10. Dates of departure from and arrival at each port with draught of water and freeboard.
  11. Sailing short handed.
  12. Accidents, distress incidents, reasons for not going to assistance.
  13. Wage disputes, discharges of crew, crew left behind, property of crew left behind, illnesses and injuries.
  14. Code of conduct breaches by crew.
Supplementary Official Logs and Records
  1. Official log book(part II passenger ships):- It maintains recording of the opening and closing of water tight doors, closing and opening in hulls and water tight bulkheads.
  2. Radio telegraph log:- In includes routine test, particulars of messages transmitted and        received.
  3. Radio telephone log:-It records details of operators, battery condition, battery charging, messages transmitted and received.
  4. GMDSS log:-It records distress signals, safety traffic communication n the position of the ship at least once a day.
  5. Oil record books ;
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