What is muster list on ship and its features?

As per SOLAS chapter III, Regulation 8 (Muster list and emergency instructions).

A muster list provides crew members with a plan to manage emergency situations. It gives clear instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency for every person on board and ensures that all vital duties are assigned. The muster list also ensures that, on the sounding of the emergency signal, crewmembers and passengers know where to muster. This allows everyone on board to be readily accounted for at the outset of an emergency.

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In other words we can understand muster list as:

Muster list is prepared on ship so that   ship crew must be ready all the time to tackle and fight against any kind of emergencies which can arise due to reasons such as rough weather, machinery malfunction, pirate attack, human error etc. Such emergencies can lead to fire, collision, flooding, grounding, environmental pollution, and loss of life.


Different teams  with duties for the individuals of the team for emergencies mentioned in muster list:

  1. Command Team:   In-charge master 
  2. Emergency team 1:  In-charge chief officer.
  3. Emergency team 2 :   In-charge  2nd engineer (Standby team).
  4. Support team : In-charge 2nd officer includes medical items .
  5. Technical team :  In-charge  chief engineer .
Content of muster list:
  1. Vessel name / IMO number
  2. Emergency duties of all crew and personnel onboard
  3. General and emergency alarms
  4. person responsible for LSA/FFA maintenance
  5. Substitutes for person in-charge ( if incapacitated )
  6. Masters signature &  Location of Muster station and SOPEP gears
  7. Special duties in case of emergency and abandon ship
  8. Format to be approved by the flag state


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  1. This regulation applies to all ships.
  2. Clear instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency shall be provided for every person on board. In the case of passenger ships these instructions shall be drawn up in the language or languages required by the ship’s flag State and in the English language.



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