What is Mechanical (Air) Foam ?

(b) Fluoroprotein Foam (FP).

Fluoroprotein foams are formed by the addition of special fluorochemical surfactants with protein foam (fluorinated compound bonded to the protein). This enhances the properties of protein foam by increasing foam fluidity (ease to flow) and improves  the properties of regular protein foam by providing faster knockdown and excellent fuel tolerance.

Fluoroprotein foam works well with dry chemical agents, and when the water is mixed with antifreeze, it produces foam in sub-freezing temperatures.

(c) Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP).

FFFPs are a combination of fluorochemical surfactants with protein foam. They are designed to combine the burnback resistance of a fluoroprotein foam with an increased knockdown power. These foams also release a film on thesurface of the hydrocarbon.

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