What is meaning of GT or Gross tonnage?

Gross tonnage – is defined by the measurement of the total internal capacity of the ship.

GT being determined by the formula:

 GT  =  Ki V,


Ki  = 0.2  + (0.02 Log 10V)

V = Total volume of all enclosed spaces in cubic metres.

Points to pounder for GT (Gross tonnage):

The numerical value of GT is always less than the numerical value of GRT (Gross registered tonnage)

  1. The means to calculate gross tonnage is laid out in the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships.
  2. Gross Tonnage is a measure of volume inside a vessel. This includes all areas from keel to funnel and bow to stern.
  3. Gross Tonnage is used to determine the number of crew, safety rules, registration fees, and port dues. It is the standard most often used to define a vessel.


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